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Published April 17th, 2015 by Ceasar

“Drucker”-Palm Treo 800w

The new Palm Treo 800w, with its code-name “Drucker,” will soon be released in mid-2008 as the successor to the old Treo 750. The Drucker is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touchscreen) Smartphone, with Windows Mobile 6.1 as its OS.

According to information, the Drucker will feature a 320×320 touchscreen display and a 2MP digital camera. There’s no word yet on processor speed or system memory capacity, but given its other specs, each will likely be on the higher end of the available spectrum.

The Palm Treo 800w “Drucker” is scheduled to be released on July or August 2008, though availability could well be moved forward or back. The first 800w will initially be released in the United States as a CDMA handset on the Sprint wireless network with EV-DO Rev.A wireless broadband; a GSM version will also be made available in the U.S. at some point.(

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Future of the Pocket PC

post2.jpgThere have been some hints from Microsoft that they are changing their views and ideas about the Pocket PC. They are also looking into what kind of features it must possess. All Pocket PCs contain the Microsoft OS and applications built in and they also share similar designs. With software and technology innovations, newer Pocket PCs are now equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. With the release of Windows Mobile 2003 OS, Pocket PCs now have integrated support for digital cameras. Microsoft has continuously developed software and improves its Mobile OS to support faster CPUs using the ARM architecture.

Microsoft is contemplating on adding more functionality to the Pocket PC OS so they are advising software developers to prepare for larger displays and rotating screens in their applications. This step will encourage the adoption of the platform because it can interface with a computer screen. New software supporting electromagnetic digitizers for Pocket PCs will also be coming out. A clamshell Pocket PC or one with pullout QWERTY keyboard is also on the horizon and something software developers need to prepare for.


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Sony Ericsson- New! XPERIA X1 Windows Mobile 6 PDA Phone

Sony Ericsson announced that it will enter the Windows Mobile Smartphone market later this year, with the XPERIA X1, a new touchscreen handset with several new and innovative features.

The X1′s 3″ touchscreen display slides out to expose a full QWERTY keyboard, but instead of sliding over or up, the screen slides on an angled curve, a so-called “Arc-slider” design. The X1 also offers some new Windows Mobile UI eye-candy, including panels which can be used to move about the operating system. Primary features includes EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA network connectivity, a VGA-resolution touchscreen display (which promises DVD-quality video), a 3.2MP digital camera, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, aGPS, a microSD flash memory card slot and up to 400MB of onboard memory.

The XPERIA X1 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 11, 2008. There are few details on pricing and availability, but the XPERIA X1 is due out “in selected markets” in the second half of 2008.(

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An Overview of “iPAQ” Typical Downloads

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