Published March 27th, 2013 by Hannah

Windows Phones Outselling iPhone Thanks to Nokia

Nokia-lumia-920The iPhone may reign supreme worldwide, but things are looking up for Microsoft with the analyst firm IDC reporting that Windows Phone handsets are outselling the iPhone in 7 countries. Sure, it’s just 7 countries, but it’s still better than nothing.

The 7 countries that have embraced Windows Phones are technically just six including Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine. The 7th “country” is a collection of small countries called by IDC as the “rest of central and eastern Europe”. The reception of the Windows Phones in these regions are, however, credited by analysts not to the Windows Phone OS but to mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. Since Nokia has a strong market share in these countries, it follows that the Windows Phone will fare really well there with new Nokia phones using the said OS. So while the Windows Phone 8 does really look beautiful, Microsoft has to make sure that their ties with other popular mobile phone manufacturers stay secure if they want to sell their software.

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