Published November 25th, 2012 by Hannah

Windows Phone 8 Experiencing Rebooting Issues

No doubt about it, Windows Phone 8 in itself looks really pretty. The interface looks especially great with the HTC 8X.

It seems though that the pretty face is not enough to take away the ire of users who are experiencing rebooting glitches on their phone. But hey, you would be irked too if your phone reboots when it shouldn’t. After all, it is like having the doorbell in your newly bought house ring getting stuck and ringing in the middle of the night.

Is the Windows Phone 8 reboot problem the equivalent of once ever present blue screen of death? After all the issue have been reported both for the HTC 8X and the Nokia 920.

We’re pretty sure that HTC, Nokia, and Microsoft will be driving down on the problem since the Windows Phone 8 is their best bet to get back in the game in the super competitive smartphone market.

Image via HTC