Published March 19th, 2015 by Hannah

Mobile Game Apps for Kids

world-of-tunesYou’ll find countless software and apps available for mobile devices, from productivity to health and beauty apps. For kids though, all these apps don’t really matter, except perhaps for their favorite mobile games.

Software manufacturers know just how much mobile games appeal to kids and so are more than willing to oblige them with all kinds of games, from educational games to strategy games. These games often come with free versions to get your kids hooked, but offering lots of other enticing features only with the paid versions. Of course, this means that parents eventually shell out money to get the paid version. There are other games that only come as freeware, but get prepared to be bombarded by ads with such games since this is the way the game publisher makes a profit.

Whatever kind of game your child may fancy though, you can be sure that you’ll find one (actually tons) that will have you pleading with them to give you your mobile phone or tablet back.

Image via Com2Us