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The Development of the Pocket PC software

When pocket PC came to existence, its usage was limited to emailing, setting appointments and reminders, and browsing. These usages back then were much appreciated by technology lovers. Due to the continuous demand towards providing a wider and more beneficial service, the so-called “techies” strived to develop the pocket pc and its software to what it is at present. Nowadays, people make use of the pocket PC as often as they use their mobile phones and their computers and still get almost the same use from it. The money and time that they spend over these are believed to be worth it mainly because these are made for the purpose of providing ease in attaining and accomplishing one’s everyday needs, wants, activities, and priorities. Various types of software are now available for numerous users and there is a continuous increase in variety just to satisfy the demand of the consumers. Nowadays, software applications of the pocket PC cater to maps, media, sports, and others.

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Palm and PC Software for Volleyball

1.JPGTo effortlessly have a record of the in-depth statistics of both teams in a volleyball game, a coach can take advantage of the technology brought about by VollEspy on a Palm handheld. This software could be a powerful tool in recording statistics of every game. The VollEspy software license includes the complete VollEspy software system plus the Palm and PC applications. To be posted directly to you is the VollEspy CD and a Guide Booklet about the product. Also, when you avail of the license, you will get full support about the product through E-mail and fax. Upgrading to new versions of the said software is available on the Web for free.

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Still on MPSP

Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP) developed is now being introduced in the market . The first prototype coaching module developed is focused on making people more effective in professional conversations, such as team meetings, sales calls or negotiation sessions. Software that runs through the use of phone gathers voice streams and location data.

Wireless connections send the data from the participant’s phone to a server that integrates and analyses the data, fusing information from various devices to create a meaningful picture of the conversation. This is a state of the art technology that is very useful to the world wide and fast paced business enterprises.

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SharePoint 2010 Multi-lingual User Interface

Multi-lingual User Interface—the name says it all! Isn’t it? Yes, SharePoint Server 2010 has introduced the Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI), which is available with every type of site—even the SharePoint Server Central Administration site. The Multi-lingual User Interface should not be considered as a translating tool, instead it is tool that allows users to select a display language for a site and then display the Site title and description, SharePoint out-of-the-box menus and actions, Out-of-the-box columns, Custom columns (list or site), Navigation bar links, and Managed Metadata services in different languages.

In order to use the Multi-lingual User Interface, you should install the language pack on your server. After you install the necessary language packs you will have the option to enable the multilingual user interface on a per site basis using site settings. Once you enable alternate languages, users will see a language picker control in the top right of the page where they can switch the site to the language of their choice. Even SharePoint Foundation 2010 enjoys this feature.

Below given parts of the SharePoint user interface are actually impacted by the Multi-lingual User Interface:
* All the standard SharePoint user interface elements are translated
* Navigation menu’s also support multilingual scenario’s with the MUI – if you switch your language and translate specific menu nodes in your navigation – these changes are language specific
* The headings for list columns
* The managed metadata field type also supports multilingual scenarios.
Note that the English language is used for the following out-of-the-box labels: Site Actions, Browse, Page, Home, Libraries, Lists, Discussions, Recycle Bin, All Site Content.

Take advantage of SharePoint Multi-lingual Interface and other features included in SharePoint family of products including Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation, and associated free SharePoint templates and web parts.

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Access your mails amidst the wildness of Amazon in Brazil

Brazil has enthralled vacationers with its white-sand beaches, creased with palm trees fronting the beautiful Atlantic sea. Brazil also lures travelers with its grandiose waterfalls, and see-through rivers. And when talking about Brazil how can we forget about its most famous attractions, viz., the Amazon and the Pantanal, which is abode to a variety of flora and fauna, natural surroundings, and all-embracing natural wealth. Yet, whether you are traveling to Brazil or live and work there, it is extremely important that you can access your business email, on Exchange 2010 hosting or on Microsoft Exchange Server with an MS Exchange provider. If you have BlackBerry, you can access your BlackBerry Exchange Server email on a phone or from a cyber cafe. Continue reading ‘Access your mails amidst the wildness of Amazon in Brazil’

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Epicurious: Great Foodie App but Needs Account Login Back

epicuriousThe Windows Phone App Store may offer more than 145,000 apps, but you can bet that not all of those are stuff you’d like to have on your phone.

If you’re into cooking though, you’ll definitely have some great apps to choose from with Epicurious being one of the best mobile app for food lovers there is. While Epicurious has an app for just about every popular mobile device there is, what Windows users would be happy to know is that it is also available for phones toting the Windows 7.5 and up.

However, there has been much frustration from long time users of Epicurious with account login ability recently disabled, perhaps for security reasons. Still it does cripple this apps usefulness and will probably turn off a lot of its faithful users.

If you’re just looking for great recipes that are easy to follow thanks to its format, from the easy to follow shopping list to the actual cooking instructions, then you’ll like this app.

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Windows Phone App Store Offers Over 145,000 Apps

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.56.45 PMThe Windows Phone App Store now boasts of over 145,000 apps available for download.

The apps, which are a mishmash of both free and paid apps, are specially designed to work seamlessly on your Windows Phone so that they look really good with the rest of the tiles on your screen. You can add as many apps as you want on your Start screen and arrange them whichever way you like. You can even resize them so that your favorite apps get as much space as they need to display the information you require while ensuring that your start screen does not look cluttered but maintains its beautiful look. Best of all, the apps will give you live updates without having to click on them so that you can see the latest information at a glance, including the news, your friend’s Tumblr posts, and the latest figures in the stock market.

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Windows versus Apple

There are always arising arguments on which system is better, Windows or Apple. Some people argue that Apple has greater value which is represented by it being highly-priced while others say that cost can never be one’s basis since Windows exhibit better features that are user-friendly. There are those that say that Apple applications are unique and can be widely used compared to Windows which involves known, usual, and readily available applications. Indeed, there are more reasons that people tend to argue about in the aim of proving which system is better and should be used but actually, both are remarkable in its own sense. These two are not made to be compared but both had the purpose of satisfying the demand, interest, and need of the technology users. These two may vary greatly but it is still actually up to the user on which is easier to use, more convenient, effective, and workable.

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Basic Functions of the pocket PC software

Browsing, emailing, note-taking and gaming are just some of the most common functions of the pocket PC software that seem to be of evident use at present. Browsing of needed information such as news, target buys, and job opportunities are now easily done with the use of one’s everyday used gadget. Emailing can be done anytime, anywhere. Communication is made more accessible and not letting distances hinder people from interacting. Note-taking and scheduling are now easily done; schedules are instantly made through applications that cater to such use. Entertainment is widened through readily available gaming applications that seem to get users interest. Those stated above are the most obvious yet beneficial uses of the pocket PC software that the majority enjoys today. Software of varying kinds will continuously be made and will surely pave way for more convenience, accessibility, and even entertainment and these will always have its corresponding form applicable to the pocket PC.

Published May 3rd, 2013 by Hannah

The rise of Pocket PC

The Pocket PC is made for the main purpose of making PC software applications be readily and conveniently used together with the ever more developing gadgets and electronic devices. The rise of pocket PC basically made technology lovers more inclined to its usage and even those that are not to eventually find the importance of having these gadgets consisting of numerous applications that appear to be of great use. From the comfort of one’s home, to one’s workplace, these popular software applications of various uses such as communication and information dissemination, people are able to readily access its features for his or her benefit. It will definitely be the case that the Pocket PC will continuously arise and its usage will as always be appreciated. This successful creation is only a proof that people have more to expect in the aspect of technology development and definitely, it will continuously develop for the main drive of benefitting the majority.