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DVD to Pocket PC

post5.jpgWant to watch DVDs, home movies and other videos on your Pocket PC with full screen and stereo sound? This software is the fastest solution in the market that allows you to put movies in less than 45 minutes.

This application software will turn your Pocket PC to a carry around Pocket DVD player. Converted DVDs, home movies and TV can be watched in great quality. A small 128Mb memory card can serve as storage space for a full length feature film. Nothing will be installed on your Pocket PC, movies will run on the built-in Windows Media Player. The advantage of this software over the competition is that there is no installation on your Pocket PC. It just works out of the box.


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A True iPhone Rival: G1

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It is now said that even though the Android powered G1 is not that very sleek looking and the hardware is quite not so-so, it has stood up to be the greatest competitor of Apple’s iPhone. G1 is very easy to use. It has a user friendly interface and it starts and ends with a home screen full of icons. When you flick to the left or right, you can browse other panes. You can just tap on them. The Menu key opens up many contextual options. The status bar provides info of the battery, the current time, signal bar and mail alert pop ups. G1 expectedly has one of the neatest web browser on a smart phone. Specially powered by Google. So if i were you, try out the newest smart phone G1 without spending too much.

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Antivirus Protection in the Next Generation

image-1.jpgHaving a hard time defending your mobile devices from viruses? Theres nothing to worry about now. Airscanner Corporation has released their newest version of antivirus for Windows mobile handhelds and it was last updated on January 13, 2008. Airscanner Antivirus 3.0 is so advanced and easy to use. It is a very useful tool for increased threat of virus attacks. Some features of this are: isolation and eradication of airborne viruses and malware, quick scanning, automatic online updates, very advanced and granular scheduler, advanced task manager, and detect different malicious files with expert tools. It also has a 30 day trial version. This software requires a Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 or 2003SE Smartphone or Pocket PC, and 2 MB of RAM.

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Customized Personal Coach in your Mobile Phone

Is there such a device that can bring on-the-job learning when you need it most? Helping to hone employees by allowing them to set specific goals, then give them objective measures of whether their behavioral patterns match the goals that they’ve set for themselves? Sounds more like a science fiction movie, right? However, this idea is closer to reality. Accenture Technology Labs has created a prototype MPSP or Mobile Personal Services Platform that makes it possible to develop applications that can make a cellphone a customized personal coach that gives personalized advice on everything about nutrition, career and anything else.

Published April 24th, 2015 by Hannah

Basic Functions of the pocket PC software

Browsing, emailing, note-taking and gaming are just some of the most common functions of the pocket PC software that seem to be of evident use at present. Browsing of needed information such as news, target buys, and job opportunities are now easily done with the use of one’s everyday used gadget. Emailing can be done anytime, anywhere. Communication is made more accessible and not letting distances hinder people from interacting. Note-taking and scheduling are now easily done; schedules are instantly made through applications that cater to such use. Entertainment is widened through readily available gaming applications that seem to get users interest. Those stated above are the most obvious yet beneficial uses of the pocket PC software that the majority enjoys today. Software of varying kinds will continuously be made and will surely pave way for more convenience, accessibility, and even entertainment and these will always have its corresponding form applicable to the pocket PC.

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“Drucker”-Palm Treo 800w

The new Palm Treo 800w, with its code-name “Drucker,” will soon be released in mid-2008 as the successor to the old Treo 750. The Drucker is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touchscreen) Smartphone, with Windows Mobile 6.1 as its OS.

According to information, the Drucker will feature a 320×320 touchscreen display and a 2MP digital camera. There’s no word yet on processor speed or system memory capacity, but given its other specs, each will likely be on the higher end of the available spectrum.

The Palm Treo 800w “Drucker” is scheduled to be released on July or August 2008, though availability could well be moved forward or back. The first 800w will initially be released in the United States as a CDMA handset on the Sprint wireless network with EV-DO Rev.A wireless broadband; a GSM version will also be made available in the U.S. at some point.(

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Future Technology in your Hand

Pocket PCs was introduced in the market in the 90′s as a hand held organizer. This hand held electronic organizer has evolved into a device that helps keep the lives of many business people in order. Microsoft, the only provider of the OS for the Pocket PC is taking serious look into the future of the Pocket PC. Your Pocket PC for all its use functions almost the same as its desktop or notebook counterparts.

Existing owners of Pocket PC and those who are thinking of owning one should know the future of this hand held device especially the latest in software support and hardware innovations. The Hand held device is expected to be the future architecture of computing where the user will be given the feeling of using a regular desktop or laptop computer.

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Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP)

The new development in pocket pc software is called Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP). This platform has been enabled by two technological trends: the dramatic increase in the capabilities of mobile smartphones, and the emergence of small, wearable sensors that can be used with these devices to provide data about a user’s body, behavior and physical environment. Our prototype software uses these technologies to give people personalized feedback and advice on everything from nutrition to the art of conversation. Beyond the workplace This technology is still some way from coming to market. But when it does, it will have important implications for workplace training and personal self-improvement

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Pocket Plus

image-3.jpgHere is the new distinguished service pack by Microsoft with new features that most people feel have missed in the original Windows Mobile. Spb Pocket Plus was last updated on Dec.6, 2007 with a version of 4.0.2. It is the most powerful plug-in today. It is a well � programmed gadget that is easily used via tabs. Its features include: different beautiful skins, easy and smart scrolling, ZIP file support in the file explorer, fast searching using the installed advanced Internet explorer, easily closed buttons, more additional commands, and automatic recover to normal mode. It requires Windows 2003, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Classic or Professional device. So this software is surely suitable for those who frequently use their phone and want to spend less time finding things out.

Published March 19th, 2015 by Hannah

Mobile Game Apps for Kids

world-of-tunesYou’ll find countless software and apps available for mobile devices, from productivity to health and beauty apps. For kids though, all these apps don’t really matter, except perhaps for their favorite mobile games.

Software manufacturers know just how much mobile games appeal to kids and so are more than willing to oblige them with all kinds of games, from educational games to strategy games. These games often come with free versions to get your kids hooked, but offering lots of other enticing features only with the paid versions. Of course, this means that parents eventually shell out money to get the paid version. There are other games that only come as freeware, but get prepared to be bombarded by ads with such games since this is the way the game publisher makes a profit.

Whatever kind of game your child may fancy though, you can be sure that you’ll find one (actually tons) that will have you pleading with them to give you your mobile phone or tablet back.

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