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Documents To Go Premium Edition For Windows Mobile

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Finally, Documents To Go is the newest application to create new documents, edit files and attachments on your Smartphone. This is an essential tool for the busy professional, a must have application for the you who need to open, view and edit Office and PDF files while on the move. It does not really matter, if the file comes from your personal computer or from an email attachment. The newest app provides you the option to use your file the way you handle them on your desktop or laptop. Virtually any document, it is able to read and it offers full editing capability. Whats more is, it supports password secured and Zip files. All for the price of just $29.99. Incredible!

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Latest Pocket PC Software

Imagine a world where a device in your pocket lets you know whether you are managing your time well, talking too much on a sales call, or getting enough sleep. And imagine that device being used to deliver on-the-job learning at the point of need — helping to develop employees by allowing them to set specific goals, then giving them objective measures of whether their behavior patterns match the goals they’ve set. Sounds like science fiction? The idea is closer to reality than you think. Accenture Technology Labs has developed a prototype Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP), which makes it possible to develop applications that can transform a mobile phone into a customized personal coach.

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If you are looking for a site where you can download different useful software for you pocket PC, try to give a visit to They have a wide selection of software ready for download.

Available downloads are divided into different categories like security, games, themes, sports and hobbies, instant messaging, synchronization, navigation and travel, multimedia, and other utilities. Browse through it and find something useful. By the way, downloads are not free but there are still some that are freeware. Commonly the price ranges from $2-$60. Some software may cost more, depending on the usability and the developer of the software.

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PocketTV Classic


Pocket TV Classic is a freeware that allows you to play any standard MPEG 1 movie file on your windows mobile 5 or 6 phone. This is made specifically for Windows Mobile.  This freeware is one of the most downloaded in the market.  It provides you with unsurpassed video and audio quality, it can also stream MPEG video files provided that your phone/pocket PC has wireless network connection. You can also convert your DVD to MPEG and download thousands of MPEG files to enjoy! It works for the following devices:

Windows Mobile Phone/ Smartphone

Legacy Pocket PC Phone / and Pocket PC

Legacy Handheld PC

Legacy Casio Pocket Manager

It is free and easy to download. Just go to the download section and click and follow instructions. It is one hundred percent safe and virus free. Most users recommend this because it is award winning and user friendly. So what are you still waiting for? Get it now!


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Pocket PC Software

Pocket PC 2003 will be releasing fresh line up of new iPAQ models only from HP! Microsoft’s up-coming Pocket PC platform, the Pocket PC 2003 is known as Ozone. HP is doing everything in their preparation on updating its entire product line. First to be released is the highly anticipated h2200 series. The h2200 series is a combination of the thin, lightweight styling of the h1900 series with several high-end features found on the h5000.

It will have 64MB SDRAM or greater, 32MB ROM or greater, a 900mAh Lithium ion battery and has a 3.5″ color display. This series also has dual slots for CompactFlash and Secure Digital, an SDIO support and also Bluetooth on few select models. This new innovation will run on the Intel XScale-based Cotulla processor at either 200MHz or 400MHz.

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Personal Inventory

post4.JPGPersonal Inventory version 1.0 was last updated on November 19, 2007. It is application software for Pocket PCs that costs US$10.95 with a trial period of 15 days. This application software is a personal inventory manager for your Pocket PC that will keep track of your inventory from your shopping list to your tools or your skin care products.

Some of the features included in this version are; multiple lists with columns defined by user, coloring option for expiry date and quantity, easy updating of quantity using context menu, can import or export list, supports VGA, landscape and square screen modes. System requirement for this software is at least Windows Mobile 5.0 with 420Kb free storage space.


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A True iPhone Rival: G1

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It is now said that even though the Android powered G1 is not that very sleek looking and the hardware is quite not so-so, it has stood up to be the greatest competitor of Apple’s iPhone. G1 is very easy to use. It has a user friendly interface and it starts and ends with a home screen full of icons. When you flick to the left or right, you can browse other panes. You can just tap on them. The Menu key opens up many contextual options. The status bar provides info of the battery, the current time, signal bar and mail alert pop ups. G1 expectedly has one of the neatest web browser on a smart phone. Specially powered by Google. So if i were you, try out the newest smart phone G1 without spending too much.

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Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 600

Fujitsu released a pocket pc that is one of a kind. Physical feature of this pocket pc includes: It has an up/down jog wheel (missing from many Pocket PCs) that can make navigating around lists and WebPages much easier. Aside from that it also has an IR or infrared port and an SD card socket for additional memory. On the right of this device is a slide switch use to switch the Bluetooth module on and off also a button for voice recording. Then at the top, there’s a slot for the telescopic stylus, a stereo headphone and a CF slot for expansion. There’s a concealed hardware reset switch, main adapter socket and also the data connector at the bottom. The Loox has a few extras, such as a light sensor, a built-in mic and a fairly powerful speaker.

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The rise of Pocket PC

The Pocket PC is made for the main purpose of making PC software applications be readily and conveniently used together with the ever more developing gadgets and electronic devices. The rise of pocket PC basically made technology lovers more inclined to its usage and even those that are not to eventually find the importance of having these gadgets consisting of numerous applications that appear to be of great use. From the comfort of one’s home, to one’s workplace, these popular software applications of various uses such as communication and information dissemination, people are able to readily access its features for his or her benefit. It will definitely be the case that the Pocket PC will continuously arise and its usage will as always be appreciated. This successful creation is only a proof that people have more to expect in the aspect of technology development and definitely, it will continuously develop for the main drive of benefitting the majority.

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Backup with Backy

Backy is one of the new software releases from Pocket PC Central: Software Center for Windows touchscreen mobile devices. This pocket PC software lets you create full backup copies of your mobile files and allows you to exchange and/or transport emails, tasks, contacts and appointment from one mobile device to another. Also, you can backup devices such as storage cards and you can restore the files to a different location. It helps you synchronize your appointments and meetings with the use of its customizable profiles. Backy also has scheduling settings that permits you to have total control of your data and to give you the security you need for your mobile device.