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The Thinnest and Lightest Pocket PC on the Market

On May 29th, Hewlett-Packard manufacturer High Tech Computer also filed for FCC approval of 5 new h1900 series iPAQ handhelds. Models expected are the h1930, h1935, h1937, h1940, and h1945. All of the h1930 and h1940 models will have 900mAh replaceable Lithium ion batteries, 3.5″ transflective color TFT displays, SDIO support, and run on the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating platform for handheld computers, Pocket PC 2003, which includes Windows Media Player 9 Series. The h1900 series devices with measure 4.46″ long, 2.75″ wide, 0.50″ thick, and weigh 4.23 oz. (120 g). The h1930 series devices will run on a Samsung S3C2410 processor running at 203 MHz, while the h1940 series devices will run on the same processor running at 266 MHz. All units will come with 64MB SDRAM, 56MB of which is user accessible.

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What is a Pocket PC?

post1.jpgA Pocket PC is a smaller version of a full sized personal computer either for office or home use. It is almost the size of small diaries that function like a regular sized computer. They possess many of the capabilities present in regular computers and can even run sophisticated applications. They are compact and lightweight enough to fit a person’s pocket hence the name Pocket PC.

The Pocket PC came out sometime in the 1990s. It was called Palm Pilot which was a small hand held device that functions as an organizer. Microsoft came out in 2000 with the pocket version of its popular Windows operating system. The term Pocket PC is not generic but rather is unique to personal digital assistants that are equipped with Microsoft’s systems.


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Still on MPSP

Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP) developed is now being introduced in the market . The first prototype coaching module developed is focused on making people more effective in professional conversations, such as team meetings, sales calls or negotiation sessions. Software that runs through the use of phone gathers voice streams and location data.

Wireless connections send the data from the participant’s phone to a server that integrates and analyses the data, fusing information from various devices to create a meaningful picture of the conversation. This is a state of the art technology that is very useful to the world wide and fast paced business enterprises.

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Backup with Backy

Backy is one of the new software releases from Pocket PC Central: Software Center for Windows touchscreen mobile devices. This pocket PC software lets you create full backup copies of your mobile files and allows you to exchange and/or transport emails, tasks, contacts and appointment from one mobile device to another. Also, you can backup devices such as storage cards and you can restore the files to a different location. It helps you synchronize your appointments and meetings with the use of its customizable profiles. Backy also has scheduling settings that permits you to have total control of your data and to give you the security you need for your mobile device.

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HTC’s pocket-sized powerhouse

HTC has introduced the newest addition to its array of devices, they call it the Shift. It is a pint-sized computer which gives users the benefit of browsing and sending e-mails without the weight of their standard laptops. This new device is half the size of a normal notebook and a half of its weight.

Despite its small package, this pocket pc is powered by Microsoft Windows Vista and packs in a 40GB hard drive, as well as multiple connectivity options like HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access), Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also utilizes Microsoft’s Origami software enhancement to allow improved access to information and calendaring tools. The HTC Shift will be available in the market starting April at a price of $2,188.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Coming Soon

Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-update-0-5-1-new-blocks-2Minecraft gaming fans will be excited to know that the newest verion, Minecraft: Pocket Edition 6.0 is set to be released in a couple of weeks.

DroidGamers reports that new features to be included in the update are signs, armors, baby animals (so cute!), fancy-looking clouds, an improved D-pad, stonecutter for making stone blocks, a good slew of new block types, new stairs, slabs and more. In short, you can expect the game to level up in terms of graphics for greater visual appeal. The screenshots show just how much more beautiful it looks.

What’s even better though is that a software, called PocketMine-MP has been released, enabling you to run a Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your PC (or Mac). This one’s available now, so you can save stages on your PC as soon as now if you like!

For a complete list of the new game features and tweaks, read DroidGamer’s article here.

Image via DroidGamer

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Why pay when you can get it for free?

While we recognize that there are many very useful paid Pocket PC software out there, with minimum costs, it’s always best to maximize your resources by looking first for free software you can use.

The internet has a plethora if useful sites that offer free downloads, as well as reviews of free Pocket PC software applications that tackle a range of tasks. Make sure to read the reviews carefully first, as well as looking at any feedback from previous downloaders. Applications that have a lot of downloads also helps, which tell you that many people have already used that particular software and the application itself is tried and tested already. Also make sure that you’re downloading from trusted sites, so you can avoid any nasty surprises from suspicious sites.

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Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs

Now, your pocket pc can contain your little handy handbook of psychiatric drugs. This is one useful software especially for those who are practicing psychiatric medicine.

The Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs or PsyRx™ is a clear, concise and comprehensive reference and resource of psychiatric drugs and medicines for psychiatric therapies. The software was developed to guide clinicians in their implementations and selections of mental illness treatments.

Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs was developed by Skyscape, Inc. Other related software from this developer are the ABC of Dermatology, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and The MGH Handbook of Internal Medicine.

You can have the PsyRx™ at $27.50.

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4M i-Mate ユーザー


i-Mate は4M ウィンドウズ・モバイル・フォンにより売られます。 このデュバイベースの会社は世界の果てまで販売範囲を拡大し、多くの国でその存在感を根ざしだしました。 現在のi-MateのCEOはO2PDAのモバイル産業の知識を受け継ぎました。 彼がO2チームに関わっていたためで、最初のポケットPC電話の開発者でした。 初めこそ、ささやかな開始でしたが、現在では世界中に多くのバージョンのポケットPC電話を販売するようになりました。 i-Mateはモバイルテクノロジーにおける最新技術を超越する新しいモバイル電話です。 格好が良い最新のモバイル電話 i-mate PDALは2007å¹´11月に販売開始し、マイクロソフト・ウィンドウズ・モバイル5.0ポケットPCオペレーティング・システムを備え、ユーザーに先端の技術を使用させます。 この電話は2MP のカメラと1600×1200 ピクセルの画面を持ちます。 サイズと重量は信じられないほど小型で軽量です。 初期設定として64 MB のRAM と128 MB ROM を装備します。 このため、非常に多くの音楽、ビデオ、イメージを保存できます。 バッテリーの寿命も優れており、150時間のスタンバイと4時間のトーク時間を与えます。 ぜひ試してください。 見てみることは信じることです。

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4M i-Mate Users


i-Mate has sold over 4M windows mobile phones. This Dubai based company pressed on to reach the farther parts of the globe and has slowly gotten a significant presence in many countries. The present CEO of i-Mate has inherited the mobile industry’s knowledge from O2 PDAs. He was involved in the team of O2. Developers of the first pocket PC phone. From its humble beginnings, it has sold worldwide many versions of Pocket PC phones. i-Mate is coming up with newer mobile phones that transcends the latest innovations in mobile technology. The latest mobile phone i-mate PDAL, a sleek, good looking mobile phone which has been launched in November 2007, is equipped with the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC operating system which can let you to use some more advanced features. It comes with a 2MP camera with a display of 1600×1200 pixels. Size and weight is incredibly small and light weight. It has 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB ROM by default. Which lets you store large amount of songs, videos and images. The battery life is quite impressive, as it can give you a standby duration of 150 hours and 4 hours of continuous talk time. So go ahead and try it. To see is to believe.